How to have time to visit TOP 10 museums of Kyiv in 1 day by version #VISITKYIV #Challenge
Today I will tell you how to have time to visit the most interesting museums in Kyiv in 1 day.
Where to sunbathe, swim in Kyiv? Review of the best beaches #VISITKYIV
Summer, sun, beach. This is the hottest issue of my vlog about Kyiv. In this issue you will know: where to swim and sunbathe in Kyiv, the hottest locations with a swimming pool, beach volleyball and active rest and much-much more.
TOP 20 places in Kyiv. Part 2
In this guide around the city you will find out where the most important sights are, that you must visit and where, the most covered places for summer walks.
Moto Open Fest 2018
MotoOpenFest does not promise you solutions to all problems. But adrenaline and the smell of burnt rubber can offer with the head.
TOP 20 places in Kyiv. Part 1
The deepest metro station, the oldest church, World Heritage UNESCO, the most interesting art-objects, and a lot of the most-most.
Extreme in Kyiv
In this video, all the most extreme entertainment in Kyiv!
Best viewpoints of Kyiv
The most beautiful views of the city; places where you can do the best selfies and top 9 must visit places  to feel how exciting Kyiv can be - all of this in the second issue of #VISITKYIV
Tasty food in Kyiv for 1 euro
The first issue of my vlog about the wonderful Kyiv is already on our VISITKYIV channel. Today I will tell you about the most delicious places in Kyiv, where you can have a snack for only 1 euro.
Hi, this is a teaser to my vlogs about Kyiv. I tell you about this wonderful city every Thursday.