Get caught, fish:
the best restaurants in Kyiv
where you can eat fish and seafood! 

Fish is always a good idea. First of all, it is delicious. Secondly, it is useful - we all know very well how many vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients are in it. We are just silent about the benefits of fish oil.

We are telling you where in Kyiv you can eat slightly salted herring, salmon steak, grilled shrimps, fresh oysters, mussels in cream sauce and much more.

"Fish Market"

Kyiv establishment with a pleasant assortment of seafood.
Visitors point out delicious oysters, dorado carpaccio,
black cod and salmon soup, and the choice of
fish itself - one of the widest in Kyiv.
The interior is discreet, in a classic style.
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"Matzo and oysters"

In addition to Odessa oysters (by the way, there are four types of oysters from “Scythia”), here you can try the Irish oysters “St. Patrick”, French “Fin de Claire”, wild Atlantic oysters “Old Zealand” and some of the best oysters in the world “Black pearls”. 
Oyster cocktails are also prepared here, and in addition to oysters guests are also treated with seafood, hummus, shawarma and matzo with various snacks.
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Shrimp bar "Yunost"

The choice of shrimp is large - from small
Black Sea to beer to large Argentine tiger.
The name came to the guys precisely because
of the “little thing” that they bought in Odessa
in a newspaper cone. It is also associated with youth,
summer and carelessness. It itself, little thing,
as you know, often creates perfection.
Shrimps are served both with the head and
“headless” - yes, the menu says so. By the way,
it is with humor - a lot of slang familiar from youth,
for example, “currency” guacamole.
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Another "fish spot" from Dima Borisov, this time - with fish and seafood from around the world. On the menu you can find about a hundred items of chilled sea fish and live seafood.
The establishment has aquariums with crab and lobster, ice showacses with dozens of species of chilled sea fish and various reptiles: flounder, parrot fish, scorpionfish, groupers, monkfish, African catfish, octopuses, squids, wild shrimps, scarps, mollusks and oysters of all kinds species, varieties and sizes.
In addition, there is the so-called "caviar-bar", which offers about ten types of caviar.
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"Herring bar"

The menu of "Herring bar" contains more than
30 species of herring, sprats, anchovy,
mackerel and other fish delicacy.
The establishment will delight guests with
several types of forshmak, dressed herring,
a lazy dressed ivasi, vinaigrette with kilka,
herring carpaccio, kilka fish pie, herring fishballs
and other dishes.
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