One month is left until the summer, and we present you

the best beach locations of the capital.

In order to get to the first beach,

you need the metro station Hydropark and the municipal beach Venice.

It has everything you need for a good rest.

Great sand, booths for changing clothes,

comfortable sunbeds chaise lounges, medical office,

beach boy and lifeguards, and a lot of sporting activities.

The Venice beach also has the most

honorable award - the blue flag -

an international award that is given for cleanliness,

safety and comfort.

Next to the Venice Beach there is

another ultra-modern city beach – Youth beach.

What is another peculiarity of this beach?

It is not allowed to drink alcohol here.

This makes your rest as safe and comfortable as possible.

City Beach Club. The cult place on the roof of the

Ocean Plaza shopping center.

This place is a concentration of young and beautiful people.

City Beach Club has long been loved

by foreigners and guests of the city.

City Beach Club is opened daily from 9 am till the last client.

The club is located on the top floor of the shopping center.

In the beach area of ​​the city, in the Goloseevsky district,

in a conservation area there is one of the

best places for family recreation - the Beach club Mayachok.

There are a lot of all kinds of recreation for you and your children.

The cost of the chaise lounges per day is from 100 UAH.

The beach is equipped with everything necessary

for a comfortable stay of your entire family.

Booths for changing clothes, showers,

beautiful gazebos in which you can have lunch or dinner.

The beach is opened daily from 10.30 am to 10 pm.

30 km from Kyiv along the Obukhov highway.

We are visiting the respectable Queen Country Club.

The peculiarity of this place is that there is a super

cool atmosphere and an exclusive black swimming pool.

And there is also another pool - 26 meters.

And the temperature in it is always +25, despite the weather.

Open air location for children is also quite diverse.

Trampolines, slides, animators, all kinds of activities and locations.

In order to have a great rest in Queen Country Club

you need a sunbed or a bungalow.

The sunbed or the single bed costs 500 UAH per day,

double bed - 1000 UAH per day.

And such bungalow for two or more people is 1500 UAH per day.

25 minutes from the center or 17 km by car,

we got to Beach Club “Lobster”.

There is a freshwater swimming pool and a blue lake.

On the territory of Beach Club "Lobster" there is an excellent beach,

convenient access to the lake for small children.

Sky Family Park is behind the Moscow bridge.

One of the best parks for family recreation

is located on 9 hectares. Let’s see!

There is a great rope park for children.

Age - from 3 to 16 years. The child can visit an amazing

location for only 100 UAH per day.

150 meters, the best open air pool in Kyiv.

The cost of staying here is 125 UAH per day.

The cost of the chaise lounge is 100 UAH,

the bungalow is 2000 UAH per day.

Also here you can ride a catamaran or on another watercraft.