Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe, but besides popular tourist routes, there are very interesting and exclusive places for those who want to see the capital from the other side! 

There are places in Kyiv that are not included in the excursion programs, but this does not make them less interesting, surprising, beautiful, and sometimes even shocking. We offer you the top of little-known places in Kyiv!


The museum, which gives a complete picture of an integral part of Kyiv life and welfare - medicine, or rather - about the pharmacy. A cozy old one-story house is located on Podil, at the gates of Florovsky Monastery.

There is still a "live" pharmacy where soap and balsams made using the technology of the XIX century are sold. The pharmacists will kindly guide you through the halls of the house, show the interior of the apothecary’s study, who at that time was also a doctor, and alchemist’s cellar laboratory, and an ancient cell where patients were treated with infusions and prayers, and the house of the wise woman with fragrant herbs under the ceiling, and the old pharmacy cellars.

In total, the museum has more than 2 thousand exhibits collected from all over Ukraine. The interior is decorated with antique pharmacy furniture, and the halls of the museum fully reproduce the atmosphere of pharmacies of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Elevator for one person

What could be unusual in an elevator? Elevators can be passenger, cargo, hospital, industrial, cargo-passenger ... But have you ever seen a personal elevator for one person, and even in an ordinary apartment building?

In the very center of Kyiv, next to Khreshchatyk and Passage, along Proreznaya Street, 11-B a unique single elevator is still working. Its form resembles a closet or a storage room. There are no automatic doors to which most of you are accustomed - you can get into the elevator by opening its door manually. There is a little more than half a square meter inside this space, and the age of the elevator is estimated in decades!

Cafe "Ward No 6"

Ideally stylized as a hospital cafe. Cocktails are served in a syringe, vodka - in beakers. Prices, taking into account the location in the city center, are low. Salads on average are for 1-2 dollars, hot dishes – for 2-3 dollars, beer is up to 1 dollar. It is especially pleasant that there is an extensive selection of absinthe and steaks. In general, everything prepossesses to drink good spirits in a warm company.

The harshest gum in the world in Hydropark

Such a sarcastic description of the open-air gymnasium in Hydropark was given by the authoritative publication Daily Mail. Instead of boxing punching bags the car tires are beaten here, and the dumbbells are welded to the ground with chains so that they are not stolen. There are no soft seats or plastic handles on the equipment. Rusty spare parts, welded together and painted in blue, are just outdoors.


Someone calls it psychedelic, someone says that he has got into a fairy tale, the tenants say that this is the purest creation of a madman, but everyone agrees on only one thing - this work certainly has originality.

In the metropolitan district of ​​Troyeshchyna, there is nothing unusual - asphalt, panel houses, minimum of greenery and lack of normal transport links. A local resident, Tatiana Pika, at the time decided to somehow diversify the gray tones of her entrance, or rather, the floor where she lives and created an absolutely unthinkable composition. Her work has become so popular and famous that it is well-known all over the CIS!

Secret station of the Paris underground type

Kyiv metro has a lot of abandoned objects. One of such forgotten secret stations is “Telichka”, between “Vydubichy” and “Slavutych”. Its fate is similar to the history of “Lvivska Brama”: the construction began in 1991, but after a couple of years all works were shut down. This was supposed to be the first station constructed according to the type of the Paris underground, but now it is not known whether the citizens of Kyiv would ever go down to the Telichki platform.