Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill)
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Andriivs'kyi descent, 22, Kyiv, Ukraine

Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill) is a wonderful place located in the very historical center of the capital! It is the favorite place of couples in love, students and citizens. From the top of the mountain you can see a beautiful panorama of Vozdvizhenka on the one hand and Dnipro on the other.

Beautiful photos are guaranteed!

Tour guides won’t bring you here, catch the location: Kontraktova Square Station, Andriyivskyy Descent, 22, long upstairs.)


The castle hill, or  Kyselivkaor  Frolovskiy hill –is the historical district of Kyiv. Location of the Kyiv castle. The hill was populate at the end of the third millennium BC.  Some scientists believe that before the Polyan prince Kyi built the fortifications on Mount Starokyivska , which founded Kyiv, his residence was located on Zamkova hill. In the IX-X centuries, there was a suburban princely palace.

Interesting facts

- The hill has changed four names: Khorevytsya, Kyselivka, Frolovska, and the Custle Hill

- Custle hill was the place of hiding princes, well-known officials and merchants. In the 19th century there was a famous city cemetery.

- During the Second World War, a one-story radio station was built on the hill. Feedback

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