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Schekavitsa is located opposite the Vozdvizhenka street and has a mystical reputation. And here is why: one of the largest cemeteries of the city lies here for centuries. It is said that people were buried here in the eighth and ninth centuries, and then there was a break until the year 1700. After a while, local authorities in the city of Kyiv decided to forbid Kyiv’s citizens to bury the dead men near the churches and houses, that’s why the central cemetery was organized on Schekavitsa. Since then, only the dead had been living on the mountain for 200 years.

The burials stopped in the 1930s. The cemetery had been demolished over time and a military radio station was built on its place. There is no cemetery any more… But maybe the ghosts are still here?

Those who like to hit a nerve are recommended to stay on the mountain till sundown and walk along the ancient crypts up to the observation deck, from which you can enjoy an exciting view of Kyiv in the evening.

How to get to the mountain: From Kontraktova Square Station move along the Andriyivskyy Descent up to the mountain. You’ll notice the wrought-iron staircase on the right side. It will lead you to the mountain.


Shchekavytsia is one the Kyiv’s mountains above the historical Podil district. It was mentions as the mountain represented by Shchek - one of the three brothers, who were the founders of Kyiv. The historians also describe name origin from Slavic “shchek” – the brae or from “shchekot” – the nightingale. One of the hypotheses says that there was the Danparshtadt – the capital of the Gothic state (IV century). Nowadays the hill is almost completely built up. However, on the top of it there is parkland with a viewing platform.

Interesting facts

- "The Primary Chronicle" asserts that Oleg the Seer, who was the first Rurik prince in Kyiv, was buried on the Shchekavytsia in 912.

- The height of the mountain is 172.2 meter above Dnipro. You can fully observe Kyiv from here. There is a mosque here and an old cemetery.

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