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Monday: 24-hours
Tuesday - Friday: 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
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from 150 UAH

Museum "Experimentanium" is an educational and entertainment center for children and adults. The permanent exposition of the Museum "Experimentanium" has more than 250 interactive exhibits and is devoted to mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism and acoustics. In addition, we have an anatomical department, divisions "Secrets of water" and "New Technologies". Also in the Museum you will find optical illusions, puzzles, laser and mirror labyrinths.


Experimentanium is an educational and entertainment center for children and adults withover 250 interactive exhibits.

As a kind of Science and Technology Museum,the exhibition is dedicated to mechanics, optics, electricity, magnet is mandacoustics.

You also can study the human anatomy here. There are “Secrets of water” and “New technologies” sections here.

But the main thing here is in the center’s own creativity and the ability to conduct an experiment himself.

There are various optical illusions, puzzles and two labyrinths, laser and mirror ones.

Interesting facts

- You can also visit  themed excursions, science shows and celebrateyour own birthday here. There is a variety of ideasforbirthdays,around 20 scenarios for your holiday.

- It is three-stored building of 2 000 square meters.

- The most spectacular attractions are “Wood’s Box”, the steam generator, which allows you to run clouds to the ceiling; an exhibit showing the origin of a tornado, and a “Thermal imager”, which measures your body temperature with the help of a hidden camera.

Watch the videoblogs "Experimentanium. Living Letters"

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