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Tatarka is a historic neighborhood in Kyiv, which is located on a winding narrow hill between Podil, Hlybochytsia, Shchekavytsia, Lukyanivka, Yurkovytsia as well as Vovchyi and Repiakhiv yar (gully). This neighborhood got the name from 60 families of Tatars, who settled here in the middle of the 19th century. They were doing soap boiling and trade. Some fragments of ancient buildings, dovecotes and cozy yards are still here.

Interesting facts

- Otto Scmidt, a famous polar explorer and chief editor of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, was born and raised here. There is a street named after him.

- People say that Tatarska, Pechenizka and Polovetska streets were named by some land surveyor Taiirov from Kyiv.

- Saint Makarii Church (1897) is located here. It is the only old-world wooden church in Kyiv, which is still alive!

- The only mosque in Kyiv – Ar-Rahma Mosque is also located here as well as Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre, near the former Tatar cemetery.

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