Monument to Prince Volodymyr the Great
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Volodymyrsky descent
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It`s the oldest monument in Kyiv located on the Volodymyr Hill, and it also one of the most popular parks in the historical part of Kyiv. Avenues from the middle terrace, brick staircase from upper terrace and Saint Volodymyr Descent lead directly to the monument of Prince Volodymyr. Before the erecting of the monument,  vineyards of St. Michael's Cathedral grew in this area.

The brilliant masterpiece was created by hands of famous sculptures and architects: Peter Klodt (the statue of Vladimir), Alexander Tone (the pedestal), Vasily Demuth-Malinovsky (the bas-reliefs on the pedestal). The monument was unveiled on September 28, 1853. The electric white cross in the hands of Volodymyr can be seen in the dark from far away distance.

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