National Museum of the History of Ukraine
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Volodymyrska Street, 2, Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine
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Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

National Museum of Ukrainian History is the leading historical museum of Ukraine. It was founded in 1899 in Kyiv, since 1944 it is located in a building on Starokyivska Hill.

The museum of the history of Ukraine contains ethnographic, archeological, numismatic collections, antiquities, works of painting and sculptures and other historical exhibits.

The building of the museum, which is a monument of architecture, was built in 1937-1939 under the project of architect Joseph Karakis and originally intended for art school.


The National Museum of the History of Ukraine is the main historical museum in Ukraine, located in the building on Old Kyiv Mountain.


There are unique ethnographic and archeological collections, old-printed books, works of painting, sculptures and many other things in museum. There are more than 800 hundreds of exhibits overall. The building itself is considered to be an architectural monument of classicistic style.

It should have been an art school instead at first.

Interesting facts

- The Museum changed its name 8 times. Its current name was approved in 1991.

- The architect Karakis tried to resist the decision of the Soviet authorities to establish the building on the site of historical remnants of Kyivan Rus times.

- The Church of the Tithes, which was the first orthodox church, was located on this exact place.

- There is a stone at the observation point near the Museum with the carved words of Nestor of the Chronicler, which say: “From here, the Rus’ land was to be”.

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