Saint Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church is a baroque church and is a part of the National Reserve "Sophia of Kiev".

Built in 1747-1762 by the architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli on the Andreevsky mountain in memory of the visit to Kiev by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, on the site of the Cross Exaltation Church.

The height of the church with a cross is 50 m (with a stylobate - 64 m); length - 30 m, width - 23 m.




St. Andrew's Church - Is part of The National Sanctuary Sophia Kyivska.
One-dome temple with a five-headed top in the form of a cross (31,5-22,7 m), in the corners of which are decorated towers on massive pillars, which play the role of counterfoils.

Interesting facts:

   - Russian Empress Elizabeth laid the first three bricks on the foundation of the church.

   - A baroque church is called the "Swan Song" ofthe architect Rastrelli.

   - Andriivska church was built on an unstable spot and always threatened by landslides, so the building always needs restoration.

Watch the videoblogs "St. Andrew's Church. Living Letters"

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