Kyiv Expo Plaza
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Berezivka, Киевская область, Украина
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Monday - Sunday: 24-hours

Kyiv business and entertainment are now getting out of the city to places that have plenty of space, lots of clean air and no limits. A large out-of-town centre of innovation and entertainment Kyiv Expo Plaza is created near the Nova Berezivka settlement on Zhytomyr M06 highway, the main road connecting Kyiv to Europe. It includes an exhibition center, a family leisure and outdoor amusement centre, a festival area and a theme park, with a prospect of an innovation park and a congress centre as well. The exhibition centre has: 9000 m2 of outdoor space; 18 600 m2 of outdoor exhibition space; 2 000 parking places; three separate; cargo entrances; modern lighting, air conditioning and heating systems; mobile partition walls for space zoning. Proving ground for active exhibiting of machinery: 9 700 m2 outdoor space; agriculture machine; cars and testdrive; construction machiner; road construction machine; woodworking machiner; drones. Entertainment park consists of: 15 000 m2 of landscape par; smart kids park; outdoor co-working space

Indoor area

9 000 m²

Outdoor area

18 600

Distance to the city center

38.5 km



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