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Everything starts in Kyiv

Kyiv City Guide





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Kyiv Secrets

Dear Friend, this tour is going to be exciting and challenging, but one of the most memorable in your life. You’re going to figure out some local mysteries and discover Kyiv. Strange creatures are waiting for you in their dens...


Places where where dreams come true

Dear fellow, we invite you to visit places, where you will see the real magic, and do other extraordinary things that seem to be absolutely unreal in the usual Life.



From the dungeon to the rainbow

Let’s go for a walk, which starts at 105 meters underground! Our route will run through the central parks of Kyiv.




Looking for Kyiv animals

While looking for animals in the streets of Pechersk, you will find out many new and interesting things about Kyiv, such as: who is the guardian of our city, where has the Institute from Institute street gone.


Green slopes and respectable Lypky

We start at the square which played crucial role during Euromaidan protests, we’ll walk to the Arch of Friendship, and enjoy lovely views of Podil and Poshtova Square.



The History of our Freedom

In furthering walk, we will talk about St. Michael's Cathedral from its inception to the present day, architectural monuments that have survived around it.




The pilgrimage from atheism to God


The unusual name of our trips there during its creation. Today's route combined with each other, at first glance, quite different monuments Kyiv, but they somehow reflect or Soviet times who distinguished propaganda of communism, the struggle with religion and the destruction of sacred places, or vice versa – during the formation and flowering of Christianity in Rus.


The main artery of Kyiv - to its pulsating heart

Famous market, museum of modern art, Roshen chocolate heaven, the longest – and metallic! – bar in Kyiv, renovated Soviet era department store, spooky Chimera house and the legendary Maidan.




Travels of the Lybid River

We'll take a closer look on Brodsky Synagogue, take a walk to the glorious Olympic Stadium that hosted Euro-2012 football matches, dive into Indian cuisine, watch stars and planets.




Old and New Kyiv Podil

Kyiv City beginnings here. And it was always there, since ancient times, when in the misty early centuries of our era here moored first traders and soldiers.



Old City and Kyiv Monmartre

The first part of your trip is called "Old city and Kyiv Montmartre", we start on the main street – Khreshchatyk. If it were to take the time machine and get here around a thousand years ago, you would have ended up in the woods.


Victory Square – Bessarabska Square – Tolstogo Square

Starting with pompous Victory Square, the route will take you downtown, where all the fun happens.




Saksaganskogo street

Starting at the square once famous for its jewish bazaar, we’ll walk down Saksaganskogo street, that housed Ukraine’s most eminent artists.


Jewish Kyiv

Jews appeared in Kyiv in pre-Christian times. This is not surprising, because it was from the Middle East that civilization came to the Slavic-Russians.



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