Recently, the capital has been very popular

with world musicians and famous commercial brands - clips and advertisements that gain millions of views are shot in Kyiv.

But today we will tell you where and when famous

and popular Soviet and foreign films were shot in Kyiv.

The first on our list is the raucous film - "The Death of Stalin."

The filming of the British comedy partially took place in Kyiv.

So, these places got in the shot: the building of KMDA

(Kyiv City State Administration) on Khreshchatyk, Podil, VDNH

and the house on Oles Gonchar street.

The film received high ratings from world critics,

but was banned in Russia.

Cast: Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Simon Russell Beale.

The Canadian film “Bitter Harvest”

tells about love during the Holodomor in Ukraine.

One of the goals of the movie is to show the world

what a horror our nation experienced in 1932-1933.

A large part of the movie was filmed in the Pirogovo Museum,

which is located near Kyiv.

The film's budget is 20 million dollars,

which was the savings of the director himself - Jan Ignatovich.

Cast: Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Terence Stemp.

"Möbius" - a French spy thriller, which was released in 2013.

The film reveals the life of the special agent of the FSB and his partner.

Partially the picture was shot in Kyiv, namely on Khreshchatyk.

Cast: Cecile De France, Jean Dujardin, Tim Roth.

“Evilenko” - Italian film about the maniac

Andrei Chikatilo was also shot  in Kyiv.

In the film you can see the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

(now: the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II),

the railway station. Also, Kiev school No.

110 and the Suvorov School,

whose students acted as extras, got in the shot.

The director of the film, David Grieco,

is very fond of our city and to this day speaks well of it.

Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Marton Csokas, Ronald Pickup.

And of course, there is Soviet classic!

The film "Chasing two hares" is a masterpiece of the 60s.

The script is based on the play “On Kozhemyaki”

by the Ukrainian classic Ivan Nechui-Levitsky.

Since the film is Ukrainian, there were a lot of scenes in the capital.

Vladimirskaya Gorka and especially popular tourist location

is St. Andrew’s Church appear.

Cast: Oleg Borisov, Margarita Krinitsyna, Yakovchenko Nikolay.

"Queen of the gas station" - Ukrainian feature film.

It wasn’t shot in Kyiv, but very close - in the city of Pripyat.

The entire film was planned to be shot at the real gas station,

but the directors could not comply with all security measures.

Therefore, the same prop gas station was built not far.

Cast: Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Yuri Belov, Vladimir Belokurov.


Another well-known and beloved film in the

Soviet space is “The Days of the Turbins”.

This film is an adaptation of the play by Mikhail Bulgakov

- “The White Guard”. One of the main scenes of the film was shot

in Mariinsky Palace. Also in the film were lit up:

Vladimir Cathedral, Shevchenko Boulevard,

a monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Cast: Vladimir Basov, Vasily Lanovoy, Andrei Myagkov.

"In love with Kyiv" is an almanac of short films about love in the modern metropolis, in the style of "Paris, I love you." Pretty cute movie about love  in the capital. You will see many frames shot at Podil and Pechersk in it.

Two acting debuts of the stars of Ukrainian show business - Ivan Dorn and Dasha Astafyeva – took place in the film.

Cast: Ivan Dorn, Daria Astafieva, Ada Rogovtseva.