Spring Kyiv

Spring brings a good mood – everything flourishes right in front of the eyes and the city is absorbed in the delicate colors of flowers and trees. In Kyiv, you can spend time both interesting and useful, because it is in the spring that cultural and sports life awakens here.

At the All-Ukrainian Easter Festival, which takes place in the Sofia Square in early April,

you will see an exhibition of designer giant Easter eggs, you will be able to compare traditional patterns,

ornaments and colors of Easter eggs paintings used in different regions of Ukraine.

At the All-Ukrainian parade of embroidery, it is customary to wear an embroidered shirt and to join

the colorful procession in the central streets of the city.

Spring events

City Day

On the last weekend of May, Kyivites and guests join the City Day celebration.

Spring in Kyiv can be very warm and sometimes reminds summer. There are a lot of fountains in the city,

which will help to freshen up. Fountains near the "Golden Gate" metro station, in Independence Square,

near the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater, on the Landscape Alley, in the Postal Square,

on the territory of the Mikhailivsky Monastery, on the facade of the Hotel Intercontinental –

some of them look very original, and there are those where you can make a wish.

Botanical Garden

If you really want warmth and cannot stand staying indoors,

head to the botanical gardens. At the end of April, the Botanical Garden

named after A. Fomin explodes with the blooming of pink and white magnolias.

And also be reminded about the lilac garden in the National Botanical Gardens

named after M. M. Grishko.

With the advent of warm and dry weather, fans of active recreation literally run out into the streets.

Special paths were arranged in the city where you can go train in the morning or in the evening,

such as Telbin lakes, Goloseevsky forest, Feofaniya park, Obolonska embankment, Trukhaniv island,

Dniprovska embankment (from the river station to the metro bridge), Druzhby Narodiv park, etc.


Create a spring mood not only for yourself but also for others, because a good example is worth emulating!