The cultural life of the capital rages not only at entertainment venues but also in various museums.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine will reveal mysterious masterpieces of foreign and Ukrainian paintings, sculptures, and graphics.

The interesting thing is that the exhibits are dated from the period of Kievan Rus.

But modern canvases are also exhibited here.




If you enjoy performances and plays, and dream to dive into the theatrical atmosphere – head to the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko.

At the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka you can see plays by Ukrainian people’s artists.

The high-quality performance and good mood are guaranteed!



аttractions & monuments

We offer you see and appreciate the architecture of the capital,
which is well known beyond Kyiv and Ukraine.



The "Golden Gate" museum is a true symbol of Kyiv and is one of the few architectural relics of Kievan Rus preserved to this day.



At the Landscape Alley you will find many unusual monuments: cat-centipede, Little Prince, benches "At home" and "Hands", and a lot of others.


аttractions & monuments

Historical places

Kyiv is full of locations with deep historical significance that can tell you the story of the city in great detail.

Podil is the oldest part of Kyiv. It played a significant role in the life of the city both in the era of the princes

and in the days of the Russian Empire.

Originally it was a port part of Kyiv, which became the focal point of commercial life.

Even thousands of years ago, sidewalks and roads were laid there.

And this happened years before the construction of the capital itself.

Historical places

Art Galleries

Contemporary art lovers will be amused with galleries of the capital.


For example, the M17 Gallery supports young talents and outstanding artists who

work on the Ukrainian land and seek to improve their skills.

The gallery has an area of 1600 sq. m. There are a lot of exhibits – a great place to visit!

Art Galleries



Kiev already has a lpretty arge collection of amazing murals created by different artists from all over the world.