Spiritual Kyiv

There are several places that are a must to visit. They are recommended by both Kyivites and guests of the city.


First of all, we recommend to see Orthodox temples: St. Andrew's and Ilyinska churches,

St. Panteleimon's Cathedral, Church on Water, and others.

You will be impressed by murals, ancient canvases and the atmosphere of spirituality.

Churches and Cathedrals


UNESCO sites

To appreciate the special atmosphere of Kyiv's churches, it is worthwhile to go to St. Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. They are famous UNESCO sites and they also affect everyone with their authenticity and aspirations to preserve the spiritual heritage.

In addition to the Orthodox churches, there are also the Central Synagogue, the Vladimir Cathedral,

the Church of St. Alexander, the Mosque "Ar-Rahma" and other holy places.

You can be sure: even if you are far away from your homeland, you will have the opportunity to find its part in these places.

holy places


Kyiv has many opportunities for spiritual rest. Come and experience it yourself!