Interesting to know

The official date of the founding of Kyiv is 482. It is often called an "anniversary", since this date was officially adopted for the solemn celebration of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv in 1982.


In the XI century Kyiv was the largest city in Europe: 50 times bigger than London and 10 times bigger than Paris.

Golden Gate metro station is one of the 15 most beautiful metro stations in Europe.

Arsenalnaya metro station, with it's depth of about 105,5, is considered to be the deepest in the world.

Brovarsky Prospekt is the longest street – about 14km long.

The oldest street in Kyiv is Volodymyrska, it is more than 1000 years old.

According to an ancient legend

Kyiv was founded in the V-VI centuries by three brothers – Kyi, Schek and Horyv and their sister Lybid.
The name was given to the city in honor of its elder brother Kyi.
The streets and quarters of Kyiv are named after Kyi and Khoryv,
and a small river is named after their sister.


The tallest building of Kyiv is the TV tower in the historic district of Syrets. Its height is 380 m.

The most popular souvenir from Kyiv is the "Kievsky" cake, which is being produced since the 1956.

The most visited museum is the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra"; about 1 million tourists visit this place each year.

The oldest monument – a monument of Magdeburg. It was built in 1802-1808 and it is located on the slopes of the Dnipro near Naberezhna highway.

Khreshchatyk Street with a length of 1300 m – the shortest street among European capitals.

The highest monument

is the monument-sculpture of the "Motherland". Its height – 102 m and it is included in TOP-5 of the highest sculptures in the world (it is even higher than the New York Statue of Liberty).

In the small yard at the Volodymyrska Street 43, in the basement,

there is the most miniature active church of the city – the Church of Mary Magdalene.

Kyiv has not only a river but also a "sea" – it's an artificial reservoir on the Dnipro with an area of ​​922 sq. m.

Kiev was the first city in the former Russian Empire (which included the city), where the first electric tram was launched.

The oldest tree is Theodosius of the Pechersk linden, which grows near the Far Caves of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. The tree is almost 700 years, it's girth is 6,5 m, and the height is 18 m.

The third highest in attendance McDonald's in the world is located tight next to the central railway station.


–  an unofficial symbol of the city, which flowering peak blooms during the month of May.