Burning Man Precompression

Burning Man Precompression
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Start date: 11.05.2019 12:00
End date: 12.05.2019 20:00
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Костянтинівська 73.

All hail us! Ukrainian Burners now have their own residence address! The widest gates of Kurenivka Culture Palace shall swing open in front of those wishing already on May 11. During these 24 hours we shall work and relax in the favorive format of Precompression, and the topic of the festivity shall be HOUSEWARMING: the warming up of our new common home.

We will be warming up the location with breathing and rubbing, dancing and singing, performances and arts, bar and presents.

Place: Kyiv, Kostiantynivska 73, Kurenivka Palace
Time: May 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM (noon)

Remember: you shall find yourself in the middle of your own true housewarming party in an almost empty house of 1200 sq. m., so think thoroughly about the presents! It may anything from an old chair to a watch screwdriver toolset. We’ll prepare a wishlist soon, but for now here’s the following:

 In order to turn a building into a home we propose to use our most powerful magic: radical self-expression. Choose for yourself any way to use it, act solo or gather in groups, make magic individually and collectively!

 The KARZ building has lots and lots of empty walls. Yas, you may. Yes, any of it. Yes, we will provide you with materials. But not everybody!

 Our Culture Palace has one of the biggest foresides in the world, and for now one of the ugliest. We hope that thanks to some of us it will become interactive and noticeable, both during daytime and nighttime. Also we hope that shall not be a mural, since Kyiv already has so many of them.

 Stage for performances! We definitely will have it, so let’s organize an ideological crash-test on it together. It is in our best interests to make it so strong so that it could hold performances of all kinds of craziness and radicalism. Surprise everyone!

 Music! We love DJs so much. No, really! However this time we would like to balance our favorite DJs with live musicians. Do you have a band? Or an orchestra? Or a choir? Let us know about that ASAP!

 Dancing is the second thing for every third person among us. So when on May 11 you will find here a wonderful dancefloor, be sure: it was you who built it. We believe that those wishing to create a dance floor from scratch will be not less than those wishing to dance on it. Just give us a wink!

 Are you a useful person? Of course! And May 11 is just a perfect time to state this out loud. Have you learned to sort garbage earlier than you said “Mama”? Does your countryside house supply power to the neighboring lunapark? Do you help getting stuck dogs from trees? Do you feed ducks professionally? Do you help children? Here you will find those who need you most.

 Precompression is an official Burning Man event, that is why you may not purchase anything inside, as well as sell. Money does not circulate here, instead we have the gift economy! Drinks at the bar are free of charge. Food as well. Bring anything you want that you would like to share with others!

 We are hoping to sell as many tickets for this event as possible, since every penny shall be spent on renovation of our common Palace. Every ticket shall have a minimal price, but there will be no maximal price: pay as much as you consider appropriate, we shall report on any amount.

Join us on our labor Saturdays: we don’t have any contractors and construction teams, we build our Palace by ourselves. This distinguishes us from all other palaces on sides of the Dnieper river.

 Donations! We accept both money and materials. We will be equally happy to receive a bag of sand and a bag of metro rides tokens.

Posted date: 10.05.2019 18:05
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