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улица Сечевых Стрельцов, 37-41, Киев, Украина

He is very loved in our country. He is always a little of us, and we are his. The most popular rapper of the Baltic States, which makes the listener numb with his songs. Calm and eccentric. "The Dark Lord of his own postmodern myths" according to the British magazine Q Magazine.

This year is definitely going well for Tommy Cash. First, two top-notch singles - Pussy Money Weed and Little Molly, which for two on YouTube collected more than 10 million views. Then, friendship with British star Charlie XCX, who gave him a guest couplet on one of the tracks of the new Pop2 album. French fashion magazine Antidote has placed a rapper on the cover of a new release. Authoritative magazine Dazed introduced Tommy to 8th place in the list of the 100 most important artists of 2018.

“Сash uses its creativity in the right way. It saves people from stupid prejudices. It shows how important it is for humanity to be sexually free and love yourself,” writes Dazed.

YES sums up the year for the artist and is a kind of cherry on the tommy cake. By the way, the new release can also be represented as a cake - multi-layered, with the influence of the culture of rave and trance music, as well as with a bunch of invited guests. Cash is no longer a cool boy who shoots clips for fun. This is a serious artist who makes a product that is relevant for the industry, but with his own vision - strange, shocking, but which causes genuine interest. Everything is as it should be in modern art.

Posted date: 11.03.2019 15:05
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