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Start date: 17.03.2019 19:00
End date: 17.03.2019 21:00
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улица Дегтярёвская, 5, Киев, Украина

At the beginning of the season 2018-19 Tikhon Tikhomirov presents his new performance. This is a comedy show created in the director's corporate style.

“Only love ...” is a French comedy with the addition of the brightest colors, typical of time and place of action. Paris is the city of Love, and Paris of the 70s is not only loving, but enchanting and filled with mad passions. Plesch, tanks, miniskirts, thick cables and storms of emotions sweeping almost everything on their way! .. And this is only the beginning of the list.

Artist Yang and his neighbor Boris live through the wall. Jan is in love and, having gathered courage, invites his beloved to himself. The piquancy of the situation is that the beloved is married ...

Boris is jealous of his wife - the beautiful Eve to everyone. And all would be fine if the doors of the apartments of Yana and Boris did not begin, with enviable regularity, to slam shut from drafts. Now practically naked Eve is looking for a shelter in the apartment of Jan, who at this very moment is preparing to meet her darling Florance ...

Spectators are waiting for the unrestrained, energetic, hyper-emotional and touching game from a brilliant cast.

Cast: Vyacheslav Dudko, Tatyana Borisova, Borislav Borisenko, Ales Romanova, Roman Kulish, Anastasia Lyutova, Vladimir Gladky, Alexander Schukin.

Posted date: 07.03.2019 10:39
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