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Start date: 26.01.2019 19:00
End date: 26.01.2019 21:00
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Прорезная улица, 8, Киев, Украина

After last year the group Flëur finally broke up, one of the vocalists, Olga Pulatova, together with Evgeny Chebotarenko, (the former Flëur bassist and member of My Personal Murderer), created a new project.

If we talk about the album itself, then according to Olga herself, he is about overcoming. Transformation and transition to another state are impossible without discomfort and pain; it is impossible to get better, never feeling disappointment and despair, to gain strength without admitting our weakness. Roy is a wish for the development and self-knowledge of everyone who will listen to him. Pulatova wishes you good luck in all your endeavors, enough forces and resources for any evolutionary jump and transition to another dimension.

Posted date: 17.12.2018 13:34
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