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Start date: 17.03.2019 19:00
End date: 17.03.2019 22:00
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улица Сечевых Стрельцов, 37, Киев, Украина

The group will present its new work in the already beloved ATLAS club. Fans of Tambov musicians know that the collective basically does not give the same concerts in Kiev. Each performance of the guys, in addition to new songs and all hits - is a complicated thoughtful set design, abundantly flavored with thoughtful light, powerful support from the hall and a lot of different surprises.

What awaits us in early 2019? What will be the next album "OP", whether he will continue the topic "Hungry and angry", whether the guys will surprise the listeners with new experiments, and most importantly, what will be his presentation, see March 17!

Posted date: 07.03.2019 10:48
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