The National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments is in a hurry to present you not only a variety of colorful timbres, but also to convey the spirit of a romantic mood.

Over the years of its existence the orchestra has been on tour in all parts of Ukraine and far beyond its borders. Took part in manycompetitions, festivals. Its performance inspires respect for the national art, history and culture.

Artistic director and conductor - People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of T.G. Shevchenko National Prize - Victor Gutsal. Thanks to his thoughtful management, inexhaustible energy and love for high music - the sound of the orchestra has been pleasing thousands of listeners with its colorful abundance for many years.

The repertoire of the team is unusually rich in colorful arrangements. And their instruments can control the notes of a wide variety of genres: from classic to modern. In the spring evening, NAONI will perform compositions of world masterpieces, soundtracks from favorite movies, melodies of modern pop hits.

Posted date: 10.08.2019 11:10
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