Muromets Fest 2018

Muromets Fest 2018
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Start date: 15.09.2018 11:00
End date: 15.09.2018 23:00
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Obolonskyi Avenue, 40, Kyiv, Ukraine

Join the holiday of strength, spirit, a combination of traditions and modernity - Muromets Fest!

Become a part of a unique action, be a witness of the National Record of Ukraine! Courageous guests of the festival are modern heroes from the Strongmen Association of Ukraine. Among them Sergiy Konyushok, who will move four truck tractor per rope in the support sitting at a total weight of 30 tons. A multiple champion of Ukraine Oleg Tyagnizub will set a new record for raising his weight with his teeth.

Inflammatory showman Andrey Djedjula will take your mood. Do not be lazy - try your hand at the activities that X-Park has prepared: boxing, darts, arm-wrestling and other tournaments.

The famous performers will give drive on the holiday: Alexei Lebedinsky, the groups ObezBashevyi crane and Saltikov Band, as well as GALICKIY, Anna Pasaman, Alex Guitar and Dj Rino.

In memory of the unique action, make a henna tattoo based on sacred Ukrainian symbols and a lot of photos against the background of fairy-tale and historical installations! Spend time with friends and family! Be a part of a special event!

Posted date: 13.09.2018 13:57
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