17 November is World Prematurity Day

17 November is World Prematurity Day
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Kyiv, Украина

We raise the awareness of the topic in Kiev with the following events On November 16th we light up Sophia Bell Tower, the UNESCO monument, in purple to support premature babies all around the globe. More than
100 cities light up their main architectural monuments in purple to attract attention to the topic of premature birth. We meet up at Sofia Square at 18.30 November 17th – opening of the warmest exhibition of this autumn “Fathers in Focus”. This exhibition unites beautiful photos of dads with newborns skin-skin made by photographers who are themselves connected to the topic of prematurity and now are willing to support other families. The main idea of the project to show the importance of the father in the process of taking care of the baby in the intensive care unit, about the family support and Kangaroo care.

November 18th – Kyiv Preemie Baby party. We invite all premature babies with their parents, doctors to join us to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of World Prematurity Day together at Dytyacha Planeta (Peremohy av. 3).
Lets support premature babies together!

Posted date: 14.11.2018 10:50
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