European medieval battle Cup the “Call of Heroes”

European medieval battle Cup the “Call of Heroes”

In the Ancient Kyiv of the “Kyivan Rus Park” on 14-16 of September a grand event will be held. The Ukrainians and guests of the country looking forward to it from the last year. European medieval battle Cup the “Call of Heroes” will again gather more than 300 fighters, from all over the Europe, covered in heavy armor, to the three-day to amaze our guests with an incredibly spectacular action - a medieval battle. Moreover, even children may participate in tournaments, in case of preregistration. 

The “Call of Heroes” is the most massive tournament of medieval battles in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. Athletes from Ukraine, Great Britain, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Austria will put on knightly armor and show their valor in full-contact battles with real medieval-replicated weapons. These are not staged fights everything here is real!

During these days, guests can feel themselves not only as spectators, but also as part of the life of a medieval city. Adults and children will be invited to take part in games, dance flash mobs, tug-of-war and round dance. It will also be possible to ride horses, shoot arrows, fly on a cable descent, coin a lucky charm coin, make a pottery item, dress-up as an ancient Kyiv resident in a princely wardrobe, visit museums on the territory and relax by the Forest Lake. Children from 2 to 12 years old will be able to have fun in a rope cube-labyrinth, a “Mousetrap”. In the Princely Tavern and in summerhouses on the fresh air you may taste delicious dishes prepared both in  modern and medieval recipes. And unique drinks and ancient tinctures are available in Tavern “25 runes”.
For these three days you can see single and group battles, and even women’s fights. Let us remind you that at the petition of the “All-Ukrainian Federation of Medieval Battle” in 2016, the medieval battle was recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine as a non-Olympic sport.

Posted date: 10.09.2018 08:19
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