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Start date: 15.12.2018 19:00
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проспект Победы, 37, Киев, Украина

Peter Bentze is a world-famous virtuoso pianist, artist-composer, composer and producer who established the Guinness World Record as a record pianist in the speed of repeated pressing (rehearsal) of one key (765 notes per minute). He conquered the Internet by storm with his piano arrangements of McLean Jackson.

I will introduce his phenomenal abilities as a performer and composer, Peter was enrolled in the modern school of music No. 1, Berklee College of Music, studied piano and wrote music for cinema.

In the summer of 2015, he introduced his virtuosic piano version of the famous song "Bad" by Michael Jackson on the Internet, combined with the song "Smooth Criminal", which made him famous throughout the world. Video looked 13 million people in the first 10 days and more than 200,000 shared it on facebook. To date, the video has more than 30 million views and they shared more than 620,000 times on facebook.

Only last year he performed in 20 countries, opened the BBC's Proms In The Park 2017 in Hyde Park, London (50,000 attendees).

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