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Start date: 16.12.2018 20:00
End date: 16.12.2018 22:00
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улица Сечевых Стрельцов, 37-41, Киев, Украина

This year, Vagonovozhatye once suddenly almost disappeared from the radar. On the fingers of one hand you can count performances in the new season. Traditional Kyiv concert, performance in support of political prisoners, several sets at festivals and live support for the film "The warrant for arrest".

But later it became known that the pause was planned and the fruitful fruitful. The team deliberately was isolated to work on new material without interruption. Winter, the end of spring, summer... we patiently waited until the period of searching for new topics, new sound, rehearsals, recording and summary. And finally, Vagonovozhatye fired on the finalization of this painstaking process. The new album is called "Reference" and will appear in November.

It consists of ten new tracks, of which only a few were played at concerts. The "Reference" presentation will be held December 16 at the Atlas club. Beginning at 20.00. In the program of premiere, surprises, a new merchant and, of course, auxiliary references, with which the new program will become even more close and enduring.

Posted date: 06.12.2018 14:53
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