Concert of the group "Nerves"

Concert of the group "Nerves"
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вулиця Січових Стрільців, 37, Киев, Украина

The group "NERVY" will present its fifth studio album "The Most Dear."

The "Most dear" record consists of two parts: the first one was released in May last year, the second - in December.

"The fifth album for us was a challenge and it was not easy. But this is exactly what he got the best, the most expensive! According to the sound, according to the atmosphere of the recording, the united spirit of the group, - says Yevhen Mil'kovsky, leader of the group "NERVY". - We went to record the second part of the album in the summer of 2017 in Kyiv to the studio Bobina Records, where the first albums were created.

Posted date: 06.11.2018 20:59
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