Kiev Nordic Walking World Cup

Kiev Nordic Walking World Cup
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Start date: 13.04.2019 10:00
End date: 14.04.2019 14:00
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Mezhyhirya, Новые Петровцы, Киевская область, Украина

April 2019 in Ukraine will be marked by an extremely important event - the National Stage of the Nordic Walking World Cup - an event that unites Ukraine with the international community of the most popular and most accessible sport and physical activity in the world. For 8 months, from March to October, 7 countries - Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Russia, Finland and Luxembourg - will hospitably welcome athletes and Scandinavian lovers at their national stages of the World Cup.

"The main aim of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle, to introduce Scandinavian walking as a mass popular sport to improve the nation, attract people with disabilities", says Snezhana Bezega, the head of the National Scandinavian Walking Club in Ukraine LET'S GO. - "In addition, experience shows that such sporting events form a positive image of Ukraine both within the country and on the international scene."

The uniqueness of the event is that for the first time competitions at distances of 5 km, 10 km, 21 km - half marathon will be separate from athletics competitions and the international standards of competitions will be implemented for the first time in Ukraine. Competitions will unite the participants at the age from 12 to 70+. The winners in categories "people with disabilities" will be identified separately. Scandinavian lovers who do not take part in the competition will be able to join the flash drive "Walk, Ukraine" at a distance of 2 km.

The organizers of the National Stage of the World Cup Competition are NGO "Ukrainian Scandinavian Walking Association" and the National Scandinavian Walking Club of Ukraine, Let's Go, which is the official representative of the World Federation of ONWF in Ukraine.

The partners of the event were such socially responsible companies as TM Vita Verde (Ukraine), Duo Life (Poland), Joma, LR (Germany), Vipole, Treking. Organizational partner was the group of companies Eventex Group. Technical partners are Eventex and TopRunners. Information support of the event is provided by TV channels 1 + 1, TRK Kyiv, ICTV, XSport.

Posted date: 05.04.2019 12:50
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