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Start date: 16.08.2019 20:00
End date: 16.08.2019 23:00
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Паркова дорога, 2, Київ, Україна

On the 16th of August on the stage of the Green Theater - a popular Ukrainian band Fiolet. This meeting was eagerly awaited by fans of the cool Ukrainian team and the musicians themselves. Therefore, there will be just a little space for the emotions and impressions. Be sure to come! 

A wave of acoustics from Fiolet swept across the country. Thousands of fans of the band were covered with warm, sincerity, soulfulness. Haven’t experienced this yet? - Take advantage of a unique chance! 

To gather in a gentle summer evening in the open air and to repeat the words of favorite songs together with Kolos ... “Beloved”, “Best friend”, “I am yours” - these and many other compositions immerse  in the atmosphere of romance and give genuine emotions. 
The group's repertoire for 10 years has accumulated a huge variety of works that can be listened to in different moments of life: when you fell sad and dreary, joyful and comfortable. Each line has so much meaning, soul, sincerity. Now add to this the format of the acoustic concert and immediately realize: this is not be missed. 
Today in the personal set-off of the group there are 4 full-length and 5 mini-albums. The team pleases with creative productivity and has recently presented a new single “To the Heart” to their listeners/ The composition will be included in the next mini-album. Its release is scheduled in autumn. 
In the meantime, come to find out how the most exquisite color of Ukrainian music sounds and see life in all its colors and beautiful little things! 

You can get tickets for the concert of the band Fiolet in a couple of minutes at 
See you!

Posted date: 08.08.2019 11:56
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