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Start date: 23.08.2019 20:00
End date: 23.08.2019 23:55
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вулиця Труханівська, Київ, Україна

Phenomenon of Beissoul & Einius is amazing charisma, plastic, hypnotic electronics and surrealistic costumes. 

An avant-garde duo from Vilnius experiments with sounds, dances and fashion, harmoniously interlacing them. All that they touch is transformed into art. That is what distinguishes them among others.

Already very soon, listening to the charming melodies of the computer alchemist and the singer with extraterrestrial, spiritual vocals, we will lose contact with the earth and will fall in love with the music of the future. 

Such seductive and unpredictable Beissoul & Einius will see summer off together with us. People with disabilities and an accompanying person - free admission!

Posted date: 09.08.2019 16:14
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