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Start date: 12.04.2019 19:01
End date: 12.04.2019 23:00
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бульвар Вацлава Гавела, 16, Киев, Украина

The tour starts in Italy and covers most European cities. Kiev residents and guests of the capital will be fortunate enough to become one of those who can feel the power of the musician’s creativity.

Sasha Ring is a bright phenomenon in the musical life of Germany. In 2013, he became the author of the music for the play “War and Peace” by Sebastian Hartmann and presented the Soundtracks program. In recent years, Ring has focused on writing music for movies, theaters and art installations. His soundtrack for the film “Capri Revolution,” directed by Mario Martone, was recognized as the best at the Venice Film Festival.

In the official announcement of the group there is no word about the new album. But this is Sasha Ring, because you should follow the news. The work of Apparat is distinguished by its special beauty and elegance, in which the public dissolves with great pleasure. This allowed the musician to significantly expand the influence of their tracks and win new fans. And the Moderat project, of which Sasha Ring is a participant, is today considered to be almost the main electronic project in Germany.

See you later!

Posted date: 02.04.2019 10:31
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