Worlds of Ivan Viripaev

Worlds of Ivan Viripaev
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Start date: 14.07.2019 19:00
End date: 14.07.2019 22:00
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улица Саксаганского, 6, Київ, Україна

For the first time in Ukraine! Creative evening of the prominent playwright, filmmaker, scriptwriter, actor and one of the founders of the "new drama" - Ivan Viripaev.

Ivan Vyripaev is one of the most famous contemporary world-class playwrights whose plays are staged in many European countries. In the creative work of the director there are films "Dance of Delhi", "Salvation", "Oxygen", "Euphoria".

The New York Times described him as Europe's most talented modern dramatist.

He is the winner of many prestigious awards for his theatrical and cinematographic works, among which: "Little Golden Lion" - the prize of an independent youth jury at the 63rd Venice Film Festival, the Grand Prix of the Warsaw Film Festival. Award by Jürgen Bansemer and Ute Nissen in the Best Dramatist nomination (2009) and Grand Prix of numerous theatrical festivals (Torun, Moscow, Heidelberg, Lodz). 

In 2011, in Poland, along with his wife Carolina Hruska, he was awarded the title "Man of the Year". Since 2016 he lives and works in Warsaw, where he leads the creative production center WEDA. He is one of the most recognized and successful Polish theatrical producers.

"At the meeting in Kyiv I would like to share my view with the audience with such things as: "Creativity","Modern theater","Drama" and "Development." I would also like to tell a little about what the play is, what is the meaning and significance of the theater, as well as to talk about "spiritual art." In the second part of our meeting I will gladly answer the question of the audience. I invite everyone to the meeting." Ivan Vyripayev.

Posted date: 09.07.2019 10:42
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