Exclusive tourist route «Locations in the mini-series «Chernobyl» in Kyiv

Exclusive tourist route «Locations in the mini-series «Chernobyl» in Kyiv
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Start date: 10.08.2019 11:00
End date: 10.08.2019 14:00
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вулиця Хрещатик, 7, Київ, Україна

Mini-series «Chernobyl» became number 1 TV-show on IMDB (Internet movie database) and has caused a real interest among TV-viewers around the world.

Immerse in the atmosphere of times after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – try new tourist route «Locations of filming of the mini-series «Chernobyl» in Kyiv», developed jointly by the Kyiv Tourism and Promotion Department, travel agencies and guides.

Kyiv's locations from the mini-series are included in the tourist route. Thanks to the old-fashioned stuff, you will be able to see what was it like in that dangerous times in 1986. During the tour guide will tell and show you what happened 33 years ago and how Kyiv survived such a terrible accident. Do not miss thatexclusive tour! 

What you will see:

11:00 Khreshchatyk 
The point where you «immerse in the atmosphere of times after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant». You will receive an individual respirator and your radiation level will be checked before you will be able to board the bus;
11:30 Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum
You will receive individual USSR format call-up paper. Excursion;
12:50 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho str.
You will receive red wine in an old-fashioned USSR glasses (wine was recommended to drink by doctors to avoid a radiation contamination) and visit locations showed in the mini-series, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho and Tereshchenkivska str;
13:10 Khreshchatyk
Start of the 1st of May 1986 parade (when people did not even suspect that the «invisible killer – radiation» walks with them).
Independence square;
13:50 People's Friendship Arch
Here you will receive individual «thank to the liquidator note». The end of the tour.

For foreigners the tour will be held on the 16th of August from 11:00 to 14:00!

If you want to book tour, please fill out a short Google form. Your booking will be confirmed after representative will contact you and tell the details.

Posted date: 17.07.2019 08:44
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