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June 15, 2019, IEC, legendary Britons with the new "No Geography" album. They have forever changed the idea of what an electronic group live show should be, and their concerts are a complete immersion in an audiovisual show that holds the public until the finale.

Having started their career in small London clubs, they quickly moved to the top lines of the posters of the world's largest festivals. Musicians have always been loyal to their idea - a live show must create their own audiovisual space, which is not wanted to leave. For many years, The Chemical Brothers, produced by visual artists Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall, bring the audience to a state of trance and euphoria around the world.

"Visual experience is an important component of electronic music. It now needs to be so large that people feel it inside, "says Markus Lyall.

The influence of The Chemical Brothers on electronic music is difficult to overestimate. Six of their albums at different times reached number 1 in British charts, and their albums and singles are sold in multi-million copies. The Chemical Brothers, the first among the electronics engineers, received the Grammy Award for the Block Rockin 'Beats track (for their career brothers were awarded 4 Gramms).

The ninth chemistry album "No Geography" will be released in the spring of 2019 and will include the single Free Yourself, which has already become a favorite among music lovers, which they drew on the summer festivals last year. Also, the album will include a completely new track MAN, which was well received by fans of the band. Their new show is, as always, incredible amazing visualizations, super-hits, which the whole world dances for the last twenty years, as well as entirely new tracks that will surely set the tone and rhythm on all the parties of this summer.

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Posted date: 10.06.2019 10:45
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