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Start date: 23.08.2019 19:00
End date: 23.08.2019 22:55
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Алея Героїв Небесної Сотні, 1, Київ, Україна

On August 23, 2019, in Kiev, in the October Palace, a great creative evening of the Kharkov poet Sergei Zhadan will take place. During the evening, new and beloved poems will be heard both new and long ago.

Organizers promise fans of literature a lot of surprises and surprises. In addition to the author, the incredible and unexpected guests - actors and musicians - will come to the Zhovtnevy stage. And here's what it will be - it will be known a little later. Organizers of the event do not want to open all the secrets and secrets right away.

Zhadan himself says: "This will be a really special evening, I really want to gather on the stage and in the hall of people whom I love, people whom I trust, which I listen to. I hope that August 23 will be the same."

Posted date: 29.07.2019 16:20
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