RED JAZZ. 360 Full Dome Show

RED JAZZ. 360 Full Dome Show
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Start date: 26.07.2019 19:00
End date: 26.07.2019 20:10
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проспект Академика Глушкова, 1, Київ, Україна

Like to spend evenings listening to jazz? Then this event is for you! Already on the 26th of July an impressive jazz concert will be performed by Andrey Solovyov, under the Teleport360 dome! 

Inspiration has its own color. Each of which paves the way to new emotions, memories and moments.
If blue - will carry the whisper of the ocean, then red - to shine brighter than the sun and create something new! 

During the whole concert:
- Musicians play their program and immerse the audience in new depths of jazz music.
- Bright show in the twilight.

Posted date: 08.07.2019 08:04
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