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вулиця Труханівська, Київ, Україна

Postman (the real name is Konstantin Poshtar, vocalist of the Kyiv rock group 5 Vymir) - Ukrainian musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and author of texts.

The author and singer of the song "Kyiv Streets". There are 3 EPs, 1 full-length album and more than 120 concerts in 10 European countries since 2016 in the musician asset. Postman performs songs in English and Ukrainian. Although Constantine Pashtar’s music is mostly light and carefree, the text raise complicated and important topics. Postman is a sensitive and attentive observer of everyday life, in the center of which there are relationship between people, social and personal contradictions, searching for their vocation and place. Constantine Poshtar considers Herman Hesse to be his ideological inspiration. The creativity of the musician was significantly influenced by the music of 60's, including Donovan, Nick Drake, CSNY.

Since 2017, Postman is actively touring Europe – together with Oksana Zabuzhko he introduced Ukraine to the Ars-Cameralis festival in Katowice, performed on the same stage with Flunk, Warhaus, Neil Halstead (Slowdive), Seafret. In the same time, as part of group 5 Vymir he played at the largest festivals of Ukraine and released the album "New Names" last year. The album was included in the large number of tops of the best Ukrainian recordings in 2017. Experiments, constant travels, life on the road and internal transformations found expression in the new album "Everything is New" released on July 6, 2018. The record consists of 8 songs in English, Ukrainian and Norwegian, including a duo with the soloist of the famous Norwegian band Flunk - Anya Owen Whister. Constantine Poshtar himself played on all the instruments and made a cover of the plate, using his drawings from the kindergarten. After the release of the record performances at major festivals in Poland (Spring Break 2019, Opole Songwriters Festival) and Ukraine (Zaxidfest) were added to the club concerts,

On the 30th of April the first single from the upcoming musician's record - "The Wind in My Wings" – was released. In the new album Postman turns into a baroque folk band. Brass, string, piano and melotron were added to the already familiar acoustic guitar. The musician will continue touring in the format of a one-man band, so a few days before the studio premier he also introduced the live version of the song - only with acoustics and harmonica.

In April, Postman set off to the longest tour in his career - 13 concerts in Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Holland. The tour began with a performance in the crowded hall within the largest Polish showcase "Spring Break".

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