MotoOpenFest 2018

MotoOpenFest 2018
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Start date: 16.06.2018 09:00
End date: 17.06.2018 23:59
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Парк Муромец, Киев, Украина

Motorcycle and music have always been associated with the furious speed of life and absolute freedom. It is desirable to have some old school "Harley" and in the spirit of AC/DC as a soundtrack. You really thought about it - jump on the "iron horse" and with a squeal of tires to go to the sunset. Away from everyday worries and endless routine.

MotoOpenFest does not promise you solutions to all problems. But adrenaline and the smell of burnt rubber can offer with the head. This year the festival will be held on June 16 and 17 in the territory of the park "Muromets" and the entertainment complex X-park. In the program - a lot of guitar music, motorbike rides, exhibition of motor-dealers and much more.

The list of groups on June 16 is impressive: legendary rockers "Mashina Vremeni" will play their main hits. Veterans of the scene will be supported by Belarusians "Daj Darogu!", Our brave Cossacks Kozak System, hooligans "Grazhdanin Topinambur" and promising Kievites W.H.I.T.E. On the second day, no less steep teams will perform, but their names are still kept secret.

Line-up of moto-competitions does not look worse. Viewers are waiting for open championships in Kiev:
- Stunt Battle - a kind of motor sport with the execution of motorcycle stunts on a flat road. Among them, "Willie" - riding on the rear wheel, "stopy" - riding in the front and "donut" - the rotation of the rear wheel in place;
- Moto Gymkhana - a test in which any motorcycle owner can try himself. The essence of the competition is to maneuver through the path of artificial obstacles in the form of cones;
- Supercross - open competitions on motocross with elements of FMX-show;
- A huge column of brutal bikers who will gather at Khreshchatyk and pass a huge column to the festival.

If you are not particularly interested in engines and strings, then for you a whole host of other entertainment. Like to ride, but not on Ukrainian roads - the quest on aquabikes on the water surface is ideal. Love and know how to do tricks - pay attention to competitions on wake-bording and bicycle trial. Traditional sports? No problem. Football, handball, open training in boxing and cross-fitness training in the list of entertainment. And if you have iron nerves and incredible perseverance - self-model sport is already wound up and waiting for you.

Riding a motorcycle is a fascinating and responsible affair. MotoOpenFest is supported by the Kyiv City State Administration. The goal is to promote motorcycling, and at the same time develop a culture of driving in compliance with traffic rules. The latter will be watched in both eyes. And behind the entrance to the festival - no, since the MotoOpenFest entrance is free.

And most importantly. Be careful on the road. Observe the rules and respect all road users.

Posted date: 25.05.2018 13:59
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