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Start date: 29.11.2019 20:00
End date: 29.11.2019 23:55
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проспект Валерія Лобановського, 119, Київ, Україна

The most powerful event – HammAli & Navai`s epic party will take place on the 29th of November in Stereo Plaza.

Charismatic guys from the creative band HammAli & Navai promise coolest event and complete burst of energy!

Cool Dance songs with the elements of House, Deep, Rap and in combination with soul lyrics quickly won love of the listeners. Last year, HammAli & Navai made a real hype, which Kyiv remembered for a long time! This year music influencers promised to make even cooler party and prepared incredible event consisting of the well-known songs «Let me go on the dancefloor», «If you want I can come to you», «Notes», «Flower», «Girl-war» along with their newest music!

HammAli & Navai is popular band! Their songs appear on the top charts and already gained altogether more than 1.5 billion streams in all music venues, including VK and Apple Music and over 350 million views on YouTube. ‘Janavi’ album became the most listened album of 2018 in the country according to the VK and the BOOM app!

Posted date: 29.07.2019 15:10
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