Hi, thrill-seekers!

Today you’ll get to know Kyiv from the other side.

We present you a compilation of points for a

real extreme holiday in the capital!

Kayak Canoe Center.

Here you can rent kayaks and SUP-boards

for several hours or for the whole day.

Feelings are unreal, especially when you find yourself

in the heart of the Dnieper River.

A day of such pleasure costs

500 UAH/15 euros. 2 hours - 70-80 UAH\2-3 euros.

20 km from Kyiv. 20 minutes by car.

The most popular shooting complex of the city.

We purchased this entertainment from company Adventure Tour.

In general, here you can blow off steam

and shoot from any weapon!

This is very cool, you can come with your company,

and you can come alone.

The instructor, of course, is attached.

Extreme Park. Paradise for the thrill-seekers of the city of Kyiv.

You can ride on anything you want,

we tested wakeboard after the boat and surf – unreal cool!

One run - 300 UAH\10 euros.

Near the Blockbuster shopping center there is a cool thing - an aerotube.

For those who, just like me, who have never jumped with a parachute -

this is what you need.

One flight costs 600 UAH\20 euros.

Helitour. Exclusive helicopter flights around the city.

Of course, first you go through a little long training,

and only then you are sent to the sky.

But all the preparation is worth of what you see and these unforgettable emotions!

The flight costs - 3600 UAH\120 euros.

Another aerial thing -

Rope jumping on the Pedestrian bridge.

You will be instructed, told how and what to do.

Do not be afraid and do not worry!

The jump from a height of 26 meters is almost to the Dnieper,

so, what could be cooler?

The price is 180 - 200 UAH\6-7 euros.

So what, adrenaline is off the scale?

An overview of all these locations you can see on our YouTube channel,

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