How to have delicious and cheap meal in Kyiv?


Now we’ll tell you what you can eat in Kyiv for 1 euro.

Perepichka on Khreshchatyk is the best thing in Kiev.

Juicy bun plus sausage, juice and cola. It seems to be usual, so how did it win over the whole Kyiv?

In general, Kyivska perepichka is the first fast-food of the capital, it was opened in 1981,

and since that time nothing has changed, the sausage and bun - everything still gives breathtaking pleasure!

This is evidenced by the eternal queue on Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street,

directly opposite the Central Department Store.

And of course, the price is 1 euro.

The second point in our tasty story is the Bessarabian market.

Taking into account the huge number of street cafes,

it is simply impossible to leave this place being hungry!

But we’ll emphasize lard (salo) -

the most famous Ukrainian souvenir,

the main advantage of which is the opportunity to eat it immediately.

200 grams - 1 euro.

Hummus bar is a very popular point of Kyiv's halal food.

There are a lot of delicious things in the range of 20 – 30 UAH,

but we emphasize the place of honor to falafel.

Just do not confuse it with shawarma!

Be sure to try!

Let’s take a break with food and have a drink?

An establishment that came to Kyiv from the cultural capital of the country is called Drunk Cherry.


Here they serve Ukrainian vishnevka (cherry liqueur),

but it is not ordinary, but with tipsy cherries!

For 1 euro you will taste 50 grams of this wonderful drink

and have a snack with a no less wonderful candy.

By the way, the queue here is also constant,

and branded glasses jingle throughout the Khreshchatyk.

What Kiev without chicken Kyiv!


You can go after it to Podil,

to the relatively new establishment “Ribs and cutlets”.

It is here traditional chicken Kyiv with various fillings is cooked.

Choose any taste and enjoy, but do not overdo it, there is still dessert ahead!

Bakery "Yaroslava"


is the legendary atmospheric establishment on Yaroslaiv Val.

Authentic, old and still tasty as 50 years ago!

2 buns and compote - for 1 euro.

And finally, "Biliy Nalyv"

is really the most popular place on Khreshchatyk.

Despite the queue (and it is here all the time),

the average time of serving is 3 minutes.

Any dish for 1 euro, there are not many of them here:

hot dog, oysters, pie, cider, liqueur.

All positions are always available, always tasty and fresh!

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