Safe and comfortable city

Should you travel to Kyiv or not? Whether you should stay for a day, two or for a week? Is it safe to stay here for foreigners, especially with the different color of skin, religion, etc.? Should you worry about military situation in the country?

Kyiv is a city tolerant to all its guests, its inhabitants will hospitably meet everyone, regardless of the color of their skin or religion, etc.

The city has long been an interweaving of cultures, traditions, and religions – here everyone will find the comfort of home and a part of their homeland.

Military operations in the eastern part of the country are a factor that raises doubts about the safety of staying in the city.

Please, note that these events cover only 5% (!) of the territory of Ukraine,

and the area of ​​combat operations is located at a distance of hundreds of kilometers away from the capital.

So do not worry about it, while planning your trip.

national police

Public safety in the streets is provided with the help of the national police, whose staff patrols the city both during daytime and at night (by foot and by car).

The street protection is intensified during mass events: concerts, sports competitions, festivals, celebration of various holidays, and so on.

A reliable security system also works on the premises of the main transport hubs of Kyiv:

two airports, the railway station and the central bus station.


Currently the city has flights to Europe, Asia, the USA; railway connection – with some European countries and all regional centers of Ukraine; as well as regular passenger buses (both within Ukraine and abroad). Cycling infrastructure is actively developing (bicycles, bike riding rent points, etc.)


If you already have some kind of trouble and you need help, call the 24 hour hotline 1551 –

operators will help you solve your issue or advise you whom to contact.

Kyiv is a modern city, which continues to grow dynamically so that its inhabitants and its guests would have a comfortable and affordable stay here

(whether for rest, work or living).

Regarding the cost of living, Kyiv has repeatedly been listed among the most affordable European cities.

Tourists from different countries are surprised with the prices for accommodation,

food, entertainment, because in their countries, all these costs are much higher.

Kyiv Pass

Tourist Card – Kyiv Pass – is a service that recently started working in the city. A card for 1, 2 and 3 days allows you to save significantly by visiting popular locations, nightclubs, some excursions and city travel tours. You can buy it at tourist kiosks located in the city center.