Where to drink delicious coffee in the capital?

This question interests many citizens and guests of Kiev. Indeed, every year the number of coffee houses increases. Someone lures visitors with beautiful cups, someone with interesting location, someone with cool interior for cool photos. But the question remains always the same. For this, let's answer it! So let's answer it!

The capital is at the forefront of making the best cappuccino, iced coffee, latte, macchiato, espresso and other beverages brewed in alternative ways. Below we present you a selection of the best coffee houses in the capital, where aromatic and delicious coffee is made.

Coffee house “Honey”

Honey is a cafe-confectioner. Delicious food for every day, coffe and world-class desserts.



Establishment “Svit Kavy”

Now it is not necessary to go to Lviv to enjoy a cup of coffee from the famous establishment “Svit Kavy”.



Coffee house "London"

On Verhniy Val, 18 a coffee house "London"is located. In addition to the usual espresso, cappuccino, iced coffee, coffee made in alternative ways is served here. With the help of chemex, fretta, pour-over, siphon and aeropress.



Bakery “Cookietone”

More than 40 kinds of cookies and a mini-market of Smeg equipment in the bakery “Cookietone” at Ivan Franko Street.



Coffee 1900

The best coffee house on Saksaganskogo Street is “Coffee 1900”. This place is one of the most interesting. Everything is minimalist, but quite nice, beautiful, but more importantly - delicious!